Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here goes nothin'

"This is a strange place to live" has become a bit of a mantra in our home.  With four lively and independent thinking children, there is a lot of silliness around here.  David has likened it to an inpatient psychiatric ward - at any given point, there is usually one throwing a tantrum, one running around with underwear on their head, one ready for a nap and one dancing in the corner.  With the kids currently ages 2, 3, 4 and 7, the fun part is that there isn't any way to predict who is going to assume a given role next!  It's interesting to say the least.  There was a time when we fully embraced all of it.  It has been a rough transition bringing Zeke into our family and it has definitely changed the vibe around here.  We are working hard to get back to a place of "thriving in the chaos" and this blog will chronicle our journey.  We are asked on a daily basis how things are going and persistently asked if we have ever considered writing about it...others suggest a reality show.  We hope this will give some insight into what our adoption experience has been as well as just the daily challenges of heading up, what feels like, a mini corporation comprised primarily of little people.  Perhaps this may just be cathartic for us, regardless, we hope you enjoy getting a closer glimpse into our family - hopefully it won't make you run for the hills!

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  1. Antal's are so proud to share in this journey you are in!!!! We are proud to be your friends and how you have opened your home to Zeke and allowed him to have a family! All four of your kids we love and are awesome! They could not be that way without awesome parents!!! Here is to many more Family Fun Nights, creating memories, and laughing!

    Lots of love-Jess, David, Belle, Landon, and Gage