Thursday, April 21, 2016

Oh hell to the no

Since choosing to have 4 children, I've been warned about how my life would be when they all became involved in extracurriculars.  The time is upon us, folks.  Well, kinda.  By the time Ella was 4 months old, I had her enrolled in little gym, mommy and me classes, future geniuses of America, etc., etc.  Poor Zeke is 6 years old and I'm still telling him he's too young for most things in a desperate move to save my sanity.  So, I've got 3 to deal with right now.  I'm praying that by the time Zeke catches on, Ella will be old enough to drive him to his stuff.  But, I digress.  Let me tell you how my evening went.  Kids get off the bus at 4.  After quick snacks and a lot of "if you don't get in the car right now" moments, I dropped Cat off at gymnastics at 4:30.  Owen was next for lacrosse team pictures at 5:00. Then off to the lacrosse game at 6.  Back to pick Cat up at 6:25 then home to grab Ella from horseback riding lessons.  By 6:45, I was dropping them off at 4-H and heading back to pick Owen up from Lacrosse.  Made it back to 4-H just in time for them to adjourn the meeting at 7:50.  I seriously contemplated having an ambulance pick me up from lacrosse because I was surely having a stroke.  Typically, David is flexible in his schedule and can help out, but not tonight.  My house is trashed, my children are late to bed, I had yogurt and wine for dinner and my eye won't stop twitching, but, by golly, I did it!  I survived this night of parenting hell!  Bring it world!  You don't scare me!  Ok, that's a lie.  Please don't bring it.  I don't have it in me to do it again.  I'm begging you, for the love of god, don't bring it.

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